Who does what

Tasmania Regional Meeting Appointments 2015-2018

Amnesty International
Peter Jones, (Paul Barko), (Briar Walker)

Kathy Rundle

Assistant Clerks
Madeleine Ball, David O’Halloran

Building & Maintenance *
Lisa File, Ben Atkinson, Adrian Robertson

Burial Ground
Colin Wendell-Smith, Pat Mavromatis

Child Protection
Val Boyd, Julian Robertson

Children *
Belinda Schroter, Helen Chuter, Dawn Rayner-Brosnan, Mary Koolhof, Jen Newton, Belinda Rooks

Regional Meeting Clerk
Rosemary Epps

Fellowship of Healing
Maggi Storr

Flower Roster *
Stephanie Farrall, Gill Fitzgerald, Ros Haynes, Rosemary Alington- Maguire, Simon Allston & Janeil Hall

Gill Fitzgerald, Ruth Raward, Maggi Storr

Greeting Cards
Robin Wilkinson, Megan Schaff

Hospitality *
Nicole Atkinson, Jen Newton, Margaret Perrin, Jane Walker

Junior Young Friends & Young Friends (JYF & YF) *
Alex Brosnan, Emily Chapman-Searle, John Coleman, Peter Jones, Maree-rose Jones, Maddy Walker

Library *
Ros Haynes, Lisa File, Robin McLean

Membership Secretary
Jenny Seaton, (Julie Walpole)

Meeting House Bookings etc
Maddy Walker, (Jo Petrov), (Rick Tipping)

Newsletter (TQN)
Editorial Felicity Rose, Rosemary Mattingley
Layout Sue Headley, Caitlin Street
Hard Copy Production Sue Headley and JYFs

Peace & Justice *
Maxine Barry, Jenni Bond, Peter Jones, Sally McGushin, Jo Petrov

Public Officer
Peter Wilde

Quaker Service Tasmania (QST) *
Barbara Wilde, Gill Fitzgerald, Jo Petrov, Ruth Raward, Karen Wilson

Registering Officer for Marriages
Stephanie Farrall, Julian Robertson

Respectful Relationships
Robin McLean, Julian Robertson, Chris Schokman

Website Admin
Barney Reynolds, (Julie Walpole)

Worshipping Groups Liaison
(Friends appointed by each Worshipping Group)

  • Devonport Sally O’Wheel
  • Hobart Liaison Stephanie Farrall, Katherine Purnell
  • Huon Valley Meryl Moscrop
  • Kingborough Peter Wilde
  • Launceston Julie Walpole
  • ScottsdaleGretchen Stone



FWCC Correspondent
Madeleine Ball

Indigenous Concerns Correspondent
Q P & J Committee

Quaker Service Australia (QSA) Management Committee Representative
Barbara Wilde

Yearly Meeting (YM) Children’s Committee Correspondent
Helen Chuter

Yearly Meeting (YM) Nominations Committee Representative
Julie Walpole

Child Protection Committee Representative
Val Boyd

Quaker Learning Australia Committee
Siobhan Harpur (Convener), Stephanie Farrall, Alison Imbriotis, Robin McLean, Margaret Mollison, Jen Newton, Pamela Leach, Katherine Purnell, Felicity Rose, Jenny Seaton

Thanksgiving Fund Committee
Lyndsay Farrall (Convener), Sheila Given, Peter Jones, Julian Robertson, Felicity Rose, Colin Wendell- Smith

Friends’ School Board
Lyndsay Farrall, Siobhan Harpur, Ron Martin, Sally McGushin


Brackets () show support/backup nominations for individual Appointments.

A star * is used to show Committees where the first named nominee is responsible for arranging the first Meeting, used to appoint a convener.