Where we gather


The Meeting for Worship is central to the Quaker way of life. Quakers usually hold a public Meeting for about an hour on Sundays but they may gather at any time. Oftentimes there will be a sharing of food and refreshments after the Meeting.

The Meeting for Worship begins when people sit together in silence. They settle into a time of quiet worship in which daily preoccupations fall away and stillness gathers all over as they open themselves to the Spirit.

There are no programmed hymns, prayers or sermons during a Meeting for Worship in Australia. Sometimes an individual may feel guided to speak in order to share a particular insight or experience. The words are spoken in a sense of worship, not debate or lecture. Quakers find that during a Meeting for Worship both silence and speech can lead to spiritual renewal and growth.

Australian Quakers do not ordain ministers or appoint pastors. Instead, the responsibility for the quality of worship and pastoral care is shared by members of the group.

This page provides details on the various Meetings in Tasmania. For some Meetings, the venue will change so it is wise to make contact beforehand via the number shown. Click on the links below to find out more about a Meeting close to you.

Devonport  |  Hobart  |  Huon Valley  |  Kingborough  |  Launceston  |  Scottsdale