What happens at a Quaker Meeting

A Quaker Meeting for Worship creates a space of gathered stillness. We come together where we can listen to the promptings of truth and love in our hearts, which we understand as rising from God. Our meetings are based on silence: a silence of waiting and listening. Most meetings last for about an hour.

The silence is different from the silence of solitary meditation, as the listening and waiting in a Quaker meeting is a shared experience in which worshippers seek to experience God for themselves. The seating is usually arranged in a circle or a square to help people be aware of one another and conscious of the fact that they are worshipping together as equals. There are no priests or ministers.

The silence may be broken if someone present feels called to say something which will deepen and enrich the worship. Anyone is free to speak, pray or read aloud if they feel strongly led to do so. This breaks the silence for the moment but does not interrupt it.

In the quietness of the meeting, we can become aware of a deep and powerful spirit of love and truth, transcending our ordinary, day-to-day experiences. This sense of direct contact with the divine is at the heart of the Quaker way of worship and nourishes Quakers in the rest of their daily lives.

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  1. admin says:

    Under the menu on the Home page http://www.tasmanian.quakers.org.au/about-2/what-we-do-2/what-happens-at-a-quaker-meeting/ should give you the you asked for.
    At the meeting in Hobart you will be welcomed at the door with a handshake. You then find a seat inside and sit in silence. The silence may be broken by a Friend rising to speak. The Meeting ends with a handshake with your near neighbours, & the notices are read, then you will be able to chat with others where refreshments are available.
    Other much smaller meetings have variations on this, some are not as formal, but meeting always starts with people sitting in silence.
    You will not be expected to say anything, unless you are invited to do so by the Clerk at the time the notices are read.

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